Open letter to the boy

It was just over four months ago that you came to live in our home. It was just over four months ago that you came to live in our hearts. As I type,… Continue reading

New world order

It was 10 months ago that I wrote that I was trying to have a baby. It was nine months ago that I wrote that I was pregnant. And it was 15 days… Continue reading

Waiting game

I have only known for two days, yet already I find myself liking this thing growing inside me. The Internet tells me that it’s the size of a┬ásesame seed. The Internet tells me… Continue reading

Jagged little pill

I’ve been away for awhile. But I’ve been thinking about this post, and feel compelled to write. I’ve just eaten a late dinner (prawn pizza), gulped a couple drinks (alcoholic and non) and… Continue reading

Telling it like it is.

Okay, let’s get to the point. Yesterday’s post. It wasn’t just about perfection. It was about the put-upon wife and the hen-pecked husband. The cliche that I so desperately do not want to… Continue reading

The myth of perfection

Early on in my interview-ingenue days, I remember getting tips on how to prep for all. the. hard. questions. And I remember people telling me the pat answer to the classic, ‘what is… Continue reading

Couch surfing

Laid up at home with an unfortunate injury (let me state for the record that fingers and blenders do NOT mix, and ask for forgiveness of any typos as I do my nine-finger… Continue reading

Posessed (aka, what matters most)

It’s funny how we ascribe value to ‘things’ – based on what they mean to us, both sentimentally and monetarily. And it’s funny how important these things can become, when really, they’re just… Continue reading

The joys of air travel

Just stumbled across this post on ‘Freshly Pressed’, quite apropos since I ended up having a 30-hour journey home thanks to the Qantas grounding. I have never been one who loved flying. I… Continue reading

Who says you can’t go home again?

Because that’s exactly where I am headed tomorrow. This will be my fifth trip in three years, which I know makes me a rather lucky expat. And I expect it to be a… Continue reading