Great expectations

Just shy of two years ago, I landed on the eastern edge of Australia with seven suitcases and only a vague idea of where I might sleep that night. Had this blog launched then, when I first conceived of documenting my travels (and travails), I suspect it would have taken quite a different form than I now intend. Quite.

You see, in those early days, I was working hard to get my head around a culture that, from the outside, seemed so similar to my own yet, from the inside, didn’t ‘fit’. (Much like shopping with money burning a hole in your pocket on a ‘fat day’. A frustrating experience indeed.) Add to that culture shock the fact that I was living with my boyfriend for the first time, planning a wedding, missing my family and friends like crazy, and starting a new job. (Certainly some of the most stressful events I have ever experienced, regardless of where they rate on theĀ Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale.)

So what do I have in store for this site now? In short, I expect I will tackle those very same topics, but with a bit less angst and a whole lot more perspective. This will be one girl’s guide to navigating life – at home and abroad.

If you like the way that sounds, watch this space.