That’s what friends are for

When you’re far from the familiar, it is nice to find a kindred spirit. Someone who can drink wine with you, gossip with the best of them, and accept you, for who and what you are. Even if that is a Damn Yank. (See What’s in a name?)

Shortly after my arrival, a rather beautiful colleague (that girl who could very well have been the popular ‘mean girl’ that wouldn’t give others the time of day, but wasn’t) invited me to come out with her and her friends. Just because she was that nice and felt like giving the new girl a chance. It wasn’t anything to do with me really – her boyfriend told me she had a habit of ‘bringing home strays’. Now, two years on, she is still a great companion for a glass of wine, a bit of goss and, almost always, a seriously intense conversation about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Tonight we got together for a bit of shopping and a LMC – or, long meaningful conversation. And that is one of the few things that made me realise that this place in which I live is slowly becoming a home. So here’s to friends, old and new. There is more than enough room for the two.