Crazy love

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, a holiday which, to be honest, I have never quite crazy about celebrating. Not because I was bitter or scarred, or felt that the day reinforced the loneliness that was so pervasive in my life – quite the opposite, I am lucky to have had many wonderful people to celebrate with over the course of my life. Not just boyfriends, but sisters and friends, parents. I had always thought the idea of focusing one day on celebrating love seemed just, well, limiting.

That all changed two years ago, when I became engaged to my now husband on – yes – Valentine’s Day. Because of timing and circumstance surrounding our move, and because Valentine’s Day happened to fall on a Saturday right before I left him on a jet plane (only temporarily, until he could meet me down under), it just happened to be the day that made sense.

And so, with that, I walk around with a secret Valentine’s smile on my face.