I recently joined the gym. A topic of conversation that may not, at first glance, seem to fit with a blog about living a beautiful life at home and abroad, but when you break it down, I believe it does. (Plus, it’s my blog – I can say what I want, right?)

I have never been a big fan of exercise, but I do believe it helps to raise your energy level and make you a happier person. And being a happier person is indeed something I am a big a fan of. In fact, I recently picked up a copy of The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. In it, she talks first and foremost about ‘boosting energy’ – going to sleep earlier, exercising more and getting the clutter out of your house and life. These are all things I crave so badly, as I think the converse habits are the root of much of my unhappiness. My husband and I send each other far too many text messages saying ‘so tired today’ and ‘need to go to bed earlier’ and we almost hate to be in our house due to the fact that our things are exploding from our cupboards.

So to the big, corporate gym I went. It was funny, my joining process, because I felt like the gym, its whole staff, the exercise gods and the world (the whole wide world!) were conspiring against my good intentions.

While big, corporate gyms (back home in the States, Bally, anyone?) are known for their aggressive recruiting processes and downright-dirty tactics to retaining members long after they have tried to leave, this gym did not contact me at all, even after I left several phone messages AND emailed! And once I did finally obtain a time for a introduction visit, sign up for membership and purchase personal training, my trainer neglected to call me to set up a meeting. (To this day, I have not received a message…)

Despite this, I am committed to trying to make this work. Partially because I want to raise my energy levels, partially because I just want to look better in a swimsuit. Which I think is a perfectly justifiable reason when living in a city surrounded by water.