Simple beauty

One of the key things that takes a blog from ‘good’ to ‘great’ is regularity of posting. Leave readers to languish with no new content for weeks on end and they are likely to defect to other, more timely sources of information. (Alternatively, bombard them with too many posts that lack relevance, and you may drive them away!)

The challenge for me, as a new blogger, is determining what exactly my niche is and finding the inspiration I need to continue delivering quality content on a regular basis. I know I want to write about achieving a beautiful life, perhaps in order to help me achieve a more beautiful one myself, but I don’t yet know exactly where and how to focus my attention.

Today’s inspiration is simple: one of my favourite Web sites,

While it changes every day, or every hour, depending upon my mood – I can always find a few etsy items I would buy for my dream house. Should I move to the beach today, they would be:

Sailor knots pillow (from myhousewares)

I am a sucker for sailor style and this pillow is the perfect level of kitsch. I think one of these would be just perfect, assuming I got a new sofa upon moving into said beach house.

Antique bottle-shaped beeswax candles (from pollenArts)

After spending Saturday evening in a real, old-style saloon (or as close to one as you can come in Australia), these little gems made me smile. They’d look great on a sideboard and would fill the air with the sweet scent of honey.

Vintage silverware garden markers (from WoodenHive)

Love the way these look so worn – as if they have perhaps been exposed to the ocean air and sea salt, or maybe stuck in a country cupboard for years on end. I do not actually have an herb garden. I do not even have a green thumb. But I want these. (In reality, I am much more likely to buy the Mr and Mrs forks for the hordes of friends who are getting married later this year. Or even for us, to eat anniversary cake!)