ABROAD: deja vu

Two years and a bit ago, I was a new face in a new place. I wasn’t sure what to do or where to start, but I figured it out, in large part due to the kindness of strangers who I now call friends. Fast forward to today… The latest newbie is now staying in my spare room and we are all doing our best to show her the ropes.

The top three things people did when I arrived that made all the difference:

  1. gave me their opinions (sometimes loudly) on where to live and where to avoid
  2. invited me out on a Friday night so I didn’t have to sit at home feeling like the loneliest girl in the world
  3. cut me some slack when I was stressed, disoriented and struggling to adapt.

I never saw the movie ‘Pay It Forward’ and I find it a gratingly self-righteous and annoying term, but it’s not a bad concept.