Speechless – and a plea

Nobody has viewed my blog since 29 September. And is it any wonder, really, when I find I don’t have anything to say? This blog was designed to entertain, inform and emotionally connect readers. But I don’t have any evocative words to share, any pearls of wisdom to pass along. Or, even when I do, I cannot find the time to put ‘pen to paper’, as we used to say in the olden days.

I’m not signing off for good, but perhaps just for a little while to go back to the drawing board. In the meantime, here’s my one little request of Y.O.U.

Dear reader, whoever you may be:
Should you happen to stumble across this page and have any interest in hearing about this fine country in which I live (Australia) or any desire to ask questions about moving (particularly abroad), marriage, or any other mundane topics, please take 3o seconds to type out a comment and give me some ideas on what you’d like to read.

I hope to come up with some fantastic content that will capture your imaginations soon. Watch this space…