Posessed (aka, what matters most)

It’s funny how we ascribe value to ‘things’ – based on what they mean to us, both sentimentally and monetarily. And it’s funny how important these things can become, when really, they’re just things. For me, I get more wrapped up in the sentimental aspect of it all. A piece of jewellery from my mother means more to me than, say, a new Corvette would. (I’m really more of a vintage Mercedes girl anyway.)

Currently, I’m upset over a few lost things which meant so, so much to me. The funniest bit about it is, they remind me of my mother, and she has been known to fall victim to the clever disappearing act of important items as well. She and I both try hard to hang on to what matters to us, and in the process end up hiding items so well that we’ve hid them from ourselves: a practice that results in futile searching and, often, permanent loss when they are unknowingly tossed aside in the used up Band-Aid box of a safe.

I’m using this opportunity to try to remind myself that we should not stress over the past that cannot be changed, and that we should instead focus on the future. This means taking better care of my ‘things’ (I’m really going to try this time!), but it also means placing less importance on possessions. What matters most is not the reminder of the relationship, but the relationship itself.