New world order

It was 10 months ago that I wrote that I was trying to have a baby. It was nine months ago that I wrote that I was pregnant. And it was 15 days again that we brought our darling son home from the hospital. It feels like life changed over night, but this perspective reminds me that it wasn’t over night at all – it’s something we planned for, and which built over time.

While I was pregnant, nine months seemed an awfully long time to have to wait to meet your baby. Now I see that time is reasonable; you need it to prepare for the immense change and challenges to come. Who knew that something seemingly so natural as breastfeeding could be so tricky, or that the two most important words in my vocabulary would become ‘breast compression’? Who knew that in the first two weeks alone, we would change well over 100 diapers, and not mind one little bit? Or that we would find it fascinating to discuss the contents of those diapers, and would worry when our baby slept MORE than before, rather than bemoan the lack of sleep?

We have so much to learn about this parenthood gig, and I’m looking forward to each aspect.