Open letter to the boy

It was just over four months ago that you came to live in our home. It was just over four months ago that you came to live in our hearts. As I type, you snooze in the next room, but out of sight is never out of mind when it comes to you. I think and worry and wish constantly. When you sleep, I have to supress the urge to pick you up for a cuddle – waking a sleeping baby is of course not a wise move. You wake enough on your own anyway. And as I feed you in the wee hours of the night, I stroke your soft skin and hair, I gaze lovingly at your round cheeks.

Our love affair, like all between a mother and child, is one for the ages.

Sadly, I know it won’t always be this way. There will be times when you try my patience, as you become a defiant toddler and a rebellious teenager. There will be times when you may wish you got a better, ‘cooler’ mum. But my sincere hope is that these times are brief, and that your father and I are able to build a strong foundation, so we can weather those tough times together as a family with relatively few bumps. We’ll do our best to teach you the way, and to set you up for success in all that you do.

My wish for you is a simple one. That you will be happy, live in the present, and enjoy every moment of this precious life.

If you are happy, and you are kind, that is how I will measure my success as a mother.