For all my whinging, at least…

… this is not my blog. I’m not going to be catty. I mean, it just launched and she is still finding her feet, but I just expected so much more from… Continue reading

Speechless – and a plea

Nobody has viewed my blog since 29 September. And is it any wonder, really, when I find I don’t have anything to say? This blog was designed to entertain, inform and emotionally connect… Continue reading

ABROAD: deja vu

Two years and a bit ago, I was a new face in a new place. I wasn’t sure what to do or where to start, but I figured it out, in large part… Continue reading

They draw and cook… and are awesome.

Driven back to the blog after a brief hiatus due to the desperate need to share this: Not only is this a super-cool site with tasty whip-it-together-and-onto-the-table in 10 minutes flat recipes,… Continue reading

Moving house

After a year of looking (pounding the pavement hard), we have found a new apartment. I have two weeks to pack up my life and move across town, at which point I will… Continue reading

Lady Lise Mountbatten-Windsor

Or, if you prefer, Lady Lise of (New South) Wales. That is what you may call me today, thankyouverymuch! ┬áJust sitting down to watch the Royal Wedding coverage and I feel like a… Continue reading

One a penny, two a penny

Spent my whole childhood knowing this nursery rhyme with truly no clue as to what a ‘hot cross bun’ was. Until landing in in Aus, that is, where hot cross buns are a… Continue reading

Rain, rain, go away

You know that show, ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’? Well I feel like there could be a companion program called, ‘It’s Always Rainy in Sydney’. I say this full well knowing that we… Continue reading

It’s Tax Day, y’all!

Well, not really. At least not this year. Apparently this year, Tax Day falls on 18 April. Why you ask? well, seems Emancipation Day – a very important but little known holiday –… Continue reading

Minutiae: Peep show

For the fourth year running, The Washington Post is hosting its Peep diorama contest. For those who may not know what Peeps are, you likely are not American because these little guys are… Continue reading