Simple beauty

One of the key things that takes a blog from ‘good’ to ‘great’ is regularity of posting. Leave readers to languish with no new content for weeks on end and they are likely… Continue reading

ABROAD: a land far, far away

Yesterday, my whole family gathered to take my mother out to celebrate her 72nd birthday. My whole family aside from me, that is. And I, once again, was reminded of how very far… Continue reading

AT HOME: cohabitation

Today my husband departed for a weekend away, which brought with it a mix of emotions. First, sadness since I would miss sharing the weekend together. Second, relief because I knew I would… Continue reading

ABROAD: the basics

Where to start? After two years in Australia, some of the challenges I faced in the early days are only distant memories (like the corners of my mind…) and others still haunt me… Continue reading

Rain down on me

It’s bucketing down rain outside (if I were truly Aussie, surely I’d say pissing down). I’ve spent the day being unhappy about it, but now I am safely ensconced in my apartment and… Continue reading


‘Their heels are higher than their skirts are long’ is my favourite phrase to toss about when describing the little party girls in my city. It may sound ludicrous (or, alternatively, it may… Continue reading


A break from my narcissistic blathering because I am, once again, left speechless. Over the past few months, the floods and earthquakes have driven us all to do a bit of personal reflection,… Continue reading

Corporate culture (shock)

One of the biggest differences between my past life and present is my work situation. Not so much the office environment, which is still very much standard – cupboards and cubicles, with a… Continue reading


I recently joined the gym. A topic of conversation that may not, at first glance, seem to fit with a blog about living a beautiful life at home and abroad, but when you… Continue reading

Location, location, location

Our apartment’s one redeeming quality. How can you not love this view? (Photo taken a couple weeks ago on a random evening at home.)