A home of our own

The last two years have been fraught with stress related to our living arrangement: a one-bedroom apartment that, while well suited to a single person, does not quite cut it for two. The… Continue reading

Crazy love

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, a holiday which, to be honest, I have never quite crazy about celebrating. Not because I was bitter or scarred, or felt that the day reinforced the loneliness that… Continue reading

That’s what friends are for

When you’re far from the familiar, it is nice to find a kindred spirit. Someone who can drink wine with you, gossip with the best of them, and accept you, for who and… Continue reading

What’s in a name?

There is one fact I should probably state right from the start. I am a Yank. Born and bred Americano. I look like, talk like and walk like one. And by that, I… Continue reading

Great expectations

Just shy of two years ago, I landed on the eastern edge of Australia with seven suitcases and only a vague idea of where I might sleep that night. Had this blog launched… Continue reading